The Mill Project

The Mill Plans

Grinding grain for the artisan baker

My first experience with milling my own flour was when I bought a mill from Austria while I was at Wildfire Bakery. It worked okay. It was a good basic introduction to milling but the mill itself had a lot of shortcomings since it wasn’t really designed for commercial use. I found that parts moved too fast or that parts couldn’t be adjusted to fine enough detail. You just couldn’t get the kind of quality flour that artisan bakers are looking for. However, the mill was a fairly simple mechanical device and it gave me a good understanding of how the different components worked together.

Then when I was in Europe, I visited some flour mills in Italy and Austria to see other designs. They use a fairly old but functional style of milling that hasn’t changed that much over the years. When I returned to Victoria, I started working on plans to build my own mill. I found some good information on the web and went ahead and built it – and it’s been working great for us ever since. It’s milled about a hundred and eighty tonnes of wheat, more or less and it’s still working great. It mills beautiful flour, far better than anything I was able to find commercially.

Down in the states there’s more specialty milling available because artisan baking is a bit further ahead. There’s a larger population and more baking geeks that are really pushing for flour quality. In Canada, there’s nothing commercially available that compares, so grinding your own grain grain is the best option.

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