Our Flours

Traditional milling of the finest organic grains

We carefully grind our flours right here at the bakery in a old fashioned stone grinder to ensure the best possible loaves. The result is a loaf with great texture and superb crust. Our bread is made with two heritage grains – red fife wheat and rye. Stone ground flour is available at the bakery in 1kg or 2kg quantities for people interested in baking bread at home.

We sell the whole wheat flour and whole rye flour for $4 a kilo and $5 a kilo of for the sifted white flour. They should be used within 4 weeks or are fine to keep frozen for up to a year. All grains are from Saskatchewan.

We use whole grain flour as well and then we sift out some of the bran also to produce a white flour – it’s not quite as white as a commercial grade sifted flour since it’s still got some of the oils from the germ that get ground in with the flour. Thus it’s got more flavor. It also has a much shorter shelf life. Commercial white flour would have a shelf life of a year and our stuff would have a shelf life of maybe 6 weeks. As long as you’re using it fresh, it’s wonderful flour capable of producing very light breads that are usually only made from white flour like baguette and ciabatta.

Where we are:

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