Fol Epi Pastries

Fol Epi Pastries

Traditional and modern pastries made from the finest ingredients

We work as much as we can with fresh fruit when it’s in season. In the winter we work with preserves that we make as well as imported ingredients like chocolate, spices, citrus and nuts.

We do a variety of traditional pastries as well as using modern techniques for our pastries. We are constantly looking for creative techniques and ideas for working with our ingredients and follow the development of modernist techniques and innovation within our profession.

Our traditional Viennoiserie or breakfast pastries are croissant, pane au chocolate, danish – laminated yeast doughs, puff pastry, choux pastry and various cream pastries.

We also make a lot of traditional cookies and more recently we’ve been creating mousses and jellies and spraying chocolate for finishing pastries.

We use organic produce sourced from local farmers as much as possible and use organic flour, sugar, and local eggs. Our pastries have a subtle refinement to them evoking flavours of European pastries. There is also a selection of cookies and macarons made with gluten-free ingredients for those of you with dietary restrictions.
PLEASE NOTE that because we mill flour on-site, there is still a high chance of gluten contact and as such we would not recommend the flourless items for celiac customers.

Where we are:

Fol Epi at Dockside Green 101-398 Harbour Rd. Victoria, BC
7 Days a week
7:30am - 5pm

Fol Epi on Yates
732 Yates St. Victoria, BC
Mon - Fri
7am - 6:00pm
Sat - Sun
8am - 6:00pm
Agrius Restaurant
732 Yates St. Victoria, BC
Brunch: Sat-Sun | 10am-2pm
Lunch: Mon-Fri | 11am-2pm
Dinner: Wed-Sat | 5 -10pm